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kevin durant shoes 2017
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Dołączył: 27 Lis 2017
Posty: 2
Wysłany: 2017-11-27, 04:19   kevin durant shoes 2017

air jordan shoes and KD address those haters in the best way possible, by dropping a shoe celebrating his Finals MVP award.Kevin Durant pays homage to the women and men who have served and protected the country with a special "Veterans Day" colorway of the Nike KD 10.The shoe's Flyknit-constructed upper is dressed in military green, with anthracite filling in the Swooshes and a stripe along the midsole and outsole.

air jordan cyber monday 2017 is shaping up to be the best year of his life. He won his first NBA Championship, his first NBA Finals MVP, he was recently named GQ’s Champion of the Year, and his Warriors sit atop the Western Conference standings. Not to mention, his tenth signature shoe with Nike is continuing to gain momentum and release in more clean and intriguing colorways.One of the most popular aesthetics in today’s sneaker landscape is the implementation of a multi-color design onto a shoe’s upper. This new Nike KD 10 model features a multi-color knit upper surrounded by a grey ankle collar and lace unit all a top a stark white midsole for contrast. The multi-color is the clear focal point of this sneaker with hints of every color of the rainbow woven into the design.

Now, if we take a closer look, the sneaker gives us a taste of kevin durant shoes pettiness in varying degrees. On the left sole, Durant has the team’s playoff record and team accomplishment of a 2017 championship listed.Here’s where it gets good: On the right (and more petty) sole, Durant has every individual stat line from the five games the Warriors played against the Cavaliers so you can just look inside the shoe and know exactly what Durant did. Plus, he lets you know he won the Finals MVP as soon as you put the shoe on with that accolade being placed on the heel of the sole.The outside of the shoe looks innocent enough. It comes in Warriors colors and is fairly inconspicuous.

The only surer bet than the Warriors winning a ring this year is that a kevin durant shoes 2017 10 “Finals” quickstrike would sell out instantly, and right now Nike needs a sure bet when it comes their basketball footwear. We’ll take it a step further and say that if Under Armour released the Curry 4 last night, the sins of the Curry 3 would’ve been forgotten. That’s how powerful the clinching night in the Finals is, and it’s not that Nike doesn’t know that.It’s a bit disappointing that Nike showed up empty-handed outside the Air Force 1 iD and the “Debate This” ad campaign. We understand that at the end of the day the brands have to move units and have to think larger scale, but small stories make up the big picture. With so many sneaker options out there, basketball products need to speak to the consumer. Basketball shoes tell stories like no other shoe can, and Kevin Durant’s first chapter as a champion may have gone untold.

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